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Our Does



Hazel P25

DOB: 03/02/2019

Sire: Riverstone Aus. Ch. Antman P50

Dam: Riverstone Queen of Diamonds

Grade: A grade Australian Miniature

Hazel is our herd queen and likes to run a tight ship, especially at feeding time! She is also our most successful show doe with highlights including winning Best of Breed & Runner Up Best in Show at the Victorian Christmas Show in 2021. Hazel loves food, bum scratches and cuddling with her babies, who always come in threes! So far she has had two sets of triplets, who include our buck Rosewood Bracken and our doeling Rosewood Maple.


Queensbury Farm


DOB: 07/07/2019

Sire: Bouncing Hooves Aus. Ch. Bounty Hunter

Dam: Kazoo Maggie

Grade: Purebred Australian Miniature

Sassy, classy and a bit smart-assy, that's Georgie! Georgie is our chief escape artist, master thief and is always ready to stick her nose into everything as she glides about the paddock Morticia-Addams-style. Never to be accused of lacking character, Georgie is a very affectionate mother and dotes on her kids. She is one of our smaller does and has good depth and length.



Beatrix Box

DOB: 13/05/2020

Sire: Bundaller Silver Serenity

Dam: Riverstone Trixie Bell

With her perfectly highlighted, flowing locks blowing in the breeze, Bea spends most of her time grazing and sun-baking with her best friend Georgie. Bea is small but mighty and is always ready to have a sneaky treat and an ear scratch when the other goats aren't looking! We are very excited to be using Bea in our breeding program for 2023, as she has both a wonderful conformation and temperament. 




DOB: 29/11/2022

Sire: Kazoo Monty

Dam: Queensbury Farm Camilla

Cheeky and inquisitive, Maisy has a beautiful moon-spotted coat and great length and conformation. We are very excited for her future potential. 


Queensbury Farm


DOB: 06/07/2019

Sire: Queensbury Farm Hadley 

Dam: Kazoo Spirit 

Grade: Purebred Australian Miniature 

Millie loves people and would like nothing better than to be allowed into the house to sleep on a feather bed like the Princess that she is. She is a lovely doe with great conformation and length. Millie loves to climb and is often seen hanging out on the top of the goat kennels! Millie had her first baby in 2022, Rosewood Maisy.


Queensbury Farm


DOB: 10/10/2019

Sire: Bouncing Hooves Aus. Ch. Bounty Hunter

Dam: Aadorable Miss Cupid 

Grade: Purebred Australian Miniature

Frankie is cheeky and independent. She loves playing head butt games with her girlfriends and exploring in the paddock. She also enjoys a cuddle and a treat and is always the first one out the gate to jump on the milking stand when its time for husbandry tasks. Frankie is now retired from our breeding herd, though is still an important member of Rosewood Lodge Farm!


Coorie Creek

Sylvie Bee

DOB: 02/08/2022

Sire: Riverstone Silver Creek

Dam: Riverstone Beatrix Box  

Sylvie is our resident spokes-goat. One of the other goats being naughty? Sylvie will let you know. You've walked past her paddock and forgotten to visit? Sylvie will remind you. She is a teeny tiny girl who loves cuddles, hanging out with her best friends Caspar & Melchi and, of course, lots of snacks!




DOB: 02/12/2022

Sire: Kazoo Huxley

Dam: Riverstone Hazel P25

Maple enjoys snuggling with her mum, Hazel, bossing around her siblings and playing with her best friend Maisy. Like Hazel, she has a lovely conformation and we are excited to see how she grows.

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