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Rosewood Miniature Goats

Purebred Australian Miniature Goats

Registered with the MGBA membership no. V19/514

Whole herd tested negative for CAE & JD

About our Goats

We have a small herd of Australian Miniature Goats, who are well-loved pets. We regularly attend MGBA shows with our goats and breed once a year with kidding in November/December. All of our kids are dam raised by our does and are very friendly and well socialised with people. 

The happiness of our goats is our first priority, so we only keep a small herd to allow us to give love and attention to each individual. We prioritise health, temperament and conformation in our breeding program to ensure our goats live long and happy lives.

Australian Miniature Goats were the first miniature goat breed in Australia, originating from Australian rangeland goats. Does grow up to 57cm in height and bucks and wethers up to 60cm. Their friendly temperaments and small size make them ideal pets for hobby farmers. All our goats are registered with the MGBA.


Meet our Goats

Members of the Miniature Goat Breeders Association Australia

Check out the MGBA website to learn about everything miniature goat!

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